Lip Service: Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait (Luxure)

The new Guerlain Laquers follow the likes of Chanel (Rouge Allure Laque), and most recently Shiseido (Lacquers) with  a formula that combines a stain, lipstick, and lipgloss all in one.

I tested them at Sephora, and found two things: 1) The colors don’t even remotely reflect their suggested descriptions, and 2) They are surprisingly drying.

I ended up with Luxure, which is supposed to be brown. It’s not. It’s more of a rusted orange, which is a color that’s right up my alley.

See? Not Brown. Not red or orange either… but kind of a combination of the three. I initially wanted Envie, which is supposed to be orange. But it’s so not. It’s more of a pinky-coral on me, so I passed.  I  might actually go back for Orgueil, which is a delicious rich purple/berry (not plum, as described) color… but later. At $48 a pop, I’m taking my time.

I think this color is absolutely perfect for Autumn, and I love the idea of the formula. I have to tell you, after about 5 minutes of wear, my lips felt dry, so I put a little orange lip gloss over it, and that seemed to make it (and the resulting color) just perfect.

You can find out more about Rouge G L’Extrait lippies HERE.

Guerlain Holiday 2011: Rouge G Brilliant (Bianca)

This lipstick is a re-promote for the new Holiday 2011 collection. Just about all of the collection was a pass for me. I did like the Rouge Automatique in Flirt, but I’ve decided that it’s a purchase for a later date. The soft, sheer pink of the Rouge G in Bianca, however, was enough to get my attention:

It’s supposed to be a reddish pink… but I don’t think it is. It’s more of a warm pink, nearly coral. It swatches sheer and is highly moisturizing… more like a balm than a lipstick.

I like it, but it’s VERY expensive for what it ends up doing in practical application. The Rouge G lipsticks are $47. In my opinion, it’s not a must have.

Lip Service: Guerlain Autumn 2011

There has been much in the way of reviews, hauls, and swatches of the new Guerlain Autumn 2011 makeup collection. I have to say, most of the collection left me flat. I was not moved by the eyeshadow quads at all. What DID impress me were the new lipsticks:

I think the formulations of these new lippies are even better than the originals (which are pretty darned good, by the way). The texture is richer, and the color really ‘grabs’ your lips.

I ended up with the lipstick in #70, which is a rich berry color:

 This is one of those times to blame the flash; the color is actually even deeper than that in person. It does take a little effort to put it on (much drier than, say, YSL Rouge Volupte), but the color payoff and staying power is totally worth it:

At $45 a pop, these lipsticks are NOT cheap. There’s a lovely selection of colors though… one to complement every skin tone. I really like it… but I’m going to have to re-evaluate my budget if  I intend to make a habit of purchasing them.