Lip Service: Chanel Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Noir (Vamp) Lip Liner and Rouge Allure Lipstick are items that allow you to celebrate your inner Goth… elegantly. The rich brown-red color is perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.

One note about the Rouge Noir pencil… it might not say it’s waterproof, but it is. I tried to wipe it off my arm after the swatch and it would not budge. Here’s what happened when I scrubbed the area with regular hand soap and water and a cotton ball:

I finally had to get the rest off with makeup remover and a fresh cotton ball. 

I love both of these items. You can find out  more about Chanel Rouge Noir Lip Products HERE.

Lip Service: Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Fabulous

The Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in ‘Fabulous’ is… well… Fabulous. But this post comes with a disclaimer: I have no idea why the color pulled ‘pink’ in the photos. It’s not. It’s more of a mauve-toned golden color. I was quite taken with it the minute I swatched it. Take a look:

I like the color because it wears soft, and I can use it on myself and a wide range of other skin tones (I’ve already experimented on a fair skinned model). I found the application a ‘little’ heavy, and had to blot. I think that’s because I’m so used to wearing glosses and stains. The lipstick wears creamy and comfortable. Love it.

Lip Service: Chanel Rouge Allure Byzantin

Remember when I was fussing about ‘Impatiently Waiting’ for my Chanel Byzantine Collection items? At the time, I had NOT purchased the lipstick in the collection, called Byzantin. Well, just talking about it made me want to try it, so I ordered it separately.

It has already arrived.

I have to say, I’m SO GLAD I bought it! It’s a gorgeous shimmering red… and a throwback to classic Chanel colors.

The packaging is similar to the regular Rouge Allure lipsticks, with a push bottom container. The formula is smooth, but not that moisturizing. I tried to put it on completely dry lips and it skipped a bit. So I moisturized first, re-applied, and the lipstick went on beautifully…

Love it! I’m so glad I got it. Now the collection will be complete! The other pieces are set to arrive tomorrow. When they get here, I’ll post pictures and swatches. Ciao for now!