Lip Service: Armani Rouge 401

It all began with the hunt for the new ‘perfect red’ that both deposited rich color and performed under pressure. I’m particularly fond of Rouge d’ Armani lipsticks because they last for hours… through lots of wear and tear. What I wanted was Armani Rouge 400 (blue based red), but it continues to remain sold out at all of my local outlets. So, after ordering one from the boutique in Las Vegas, I decided to take home the next best thing from my local Armani counter: Rouge 401.

This is more of an orange based red, and I’m ever a sucker for an orange hued anything… so home it came with me.

I put this on completely parched lips, and the formula plumped them right up! I’ve always been a fan of the way Armani colors really grab the lips and stay put.
I was inspired by the promo pic for Dior Holiday 2011, and decided to add a little gold for an ‘ombre’ effect. I used Haughty Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Receive:

I think I’ll be doing this combo more often… I love it!