Giveaway: Full Sized Rodial/Radical Skincare/Kate Somerville + Sampler Goodie Bag!

Hey Guys,

I have more Rodial goodies to give away, along with some Kate Somerville and Radial Skincare. I also have a ton of samples from fabulous brands like NARS, Shu Uemura, Sisley and Becca!

I’m going to take all of the samples and put them into this bag…

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Giveaway: Rodial and a whole bunch of Samples!

Hey Guys,

Now is as good a time as any for another giveaway. I wanted to give away the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum (it actually works), and thought that I’d toss in a bunch of samples for good measure.

In addition the full sized serum, there are a bunch of Armani goodies, a little Eve Lom, Ren, Hourglass Primer (excellent stuff), Caudalie and Zelens!

Now, I’m gonna take all of that stuff, and pop it into this bag…
Sound good?
Now, you guys know the drill. You have to be a public subscriber to qualify. If I can’t see you, then I can’t enter you. You can amp your chances by following me @shahadakarim and @habibibody on Twitter. You can also gain additional entries by liking the Adventures In Makeup page on Facebook, and the Habibi Bath & Body page. 
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Facing Off with Rodial

I got the chance to indulge in a facial with the skin care company Rodial. I understand that they’re a pretty big deal in the UK, but I honestly don’t know that much about the brand. So I took the opportunity to learn as much as I can.

They claim to be a ‘hybrid’ company, fusing natural ingredients with cutting edge technology for high performance. They’ve been around for nearly a dozen years, and focus on results-driven formulas. Celebrity fans include Victoria Beckham and Beyonce.

I listened while the esthetician cleansed, exfoliated, masked, and moisturized my face, and left feeling refreshed and hopefully looking a little better than I did when I got there.

Here’s my take on the company: there is a LOT to choose from. They offer products for the inside of your body (crash diet sticks and smoothies), and every conceivable part of the outside of your body (there are products for your belly, your breasts, your chin and your neck). It’s easy to get confused, and it’s really easy to overlap.

I think I’m most attracted to the Snake Serum (which doesn’t actually contain snake serum or venom or body parts). I like the idea of the mask as well. It claims to radically brighten and tighten the skin. It’s a fascinating concept; she used a bit of it on me and my skin hasn’t produced a drop of oil since she did it, and that was hours ago. I don’t know if it’s tighter or radically brighter, but it’s NOT oily. For me, that’s something.

She suggested that I use it with my regular moisturizer and even as a primer. You guys, I flipped that little box over and saw the $160 price tag, and decided that it would be the most expensive primer EVER! No thank you. I do like the idea of it as treatment though, so we’ll see how that goes.