Product Review: Le Metier De Beaute

I’ve been dying to try these products, but simply haven’t had the time to try or purchase them. I FINALLY got a chance to play with them (and make a purchase) at Neimans. I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to try out the brand!

This company is fairly new… about 3 years old I think. Despite the company’s youth, the folks behind the brand have REALLY done their homework in terms of pigmentation, feel, and lasting power. They’re still wading through the wonderful world of foundations (the color discrepancy between 10 and 11 is so glaring that I feel like someone left what would be 10.5 out of the mix by accident), but I imagine things will sort themselves out soon enough.

 Their most luxurious item, Peau Vierge, is so far removed from a proper color scheme that my heart actually broke a little bit, because I was DYING to try it out. No dice. The darkest shade is way too light and glittery for me. I think I’d be able to blend it with another foundation (like an Armani Luminizing Fluid), but wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

I REALLY wanted a foundation (I’m too light for #11 and too dark for #10)… but I would have had to mix. Again, that would have defeated the purpose. So, this is what came home with me:

I built a custom palette, with four of the eyeshadows. I LOVE the pigmentation and silky feeling of the eyeshadows… but one of mine BROKE! OMG. The Thunder Eyeshadow was broken by the time I got home. I was devastated. The girls at the counter put them into the palette for me… and I’m wondering if they handled Thunder a little too rough. I’ve pressed it back in the pan, but it’s not the same. I thought about taking it back (they are $30 after all), but to date it’s still sitting in my shopping bag.

One perk about this brand… the palettes do not cost extra (Chantecaille and Clea De Peau, I’m looking at you).That helps a LOT with deciding to purchase.


From the left: Peachy Keen, Milan, Fig and Thunder
I also got one of the lipsticks in Rio De Janiero. LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! I can’t say enough good things about this lipstick. It makes my entire face glow when I wear it. It’s not quite coral, not quite pink, with just a hint of shimmer…
Is that not the most amazing color you’ve seen? I LOVE it. I can’t believe that it looks as good as it does. It has blown MAC Surf Baby’s Hibiscus out of the water. I mean… wow. Really.
Overall, I like the idea of this brand, and I really love the look and feel of the products. I didn’t have much time to spend this time around. I promise to set aside more time to truly enjoy it in the future… because it’s definitely worth a closer look.