Poll Results: Favorite Foundations

Sorry for the delay guys. Time got away from me… I looked up… and I was a week late with this! My question to you all was ‘What is your Favorite Foundation?’ Here’s what you said:
31%  love Chanel (18 responses)
 16%  love Guerlain (9 responses)
9%  love MAC (5 responses)
 7%  love Estee Lauder (4 responses)
 5% love Lancome (3 responses) 
2% love Bobbi Brown (1 response)
 2% love Armani (1 response)
…and 28% chose OTHER
Among the ‘other’ brands, you guys love:
 Revlon Color Stay
Make Up For Ever HD
Fashion Fair

Looks like there is a LOT of love for Chanel in the foundation department! Thank you guys so much for participating. I really appreciate it!