Covet Worthy: Dior Gris-Gris Quint

Okay, this Spring 2011 collection is a lot harder to track down than it looks. Most places haven’t gotten it yet, and those who have only got pieces of the collection. Everyone has gotten the Gris Gris quint, which is EXCELLENT.

I thought it would be too shimmery… but it’s not. It features five velvet shades of grey, with a little shimmer. No frost (thank goodness). Even the blue based grey (upper left corner) is only mildly frosty, and it can be blended out.

Even that darkest color (center of the quint) is grey based. It’s shot through with a multi-color shimmer that I don’t really think will show up in practical application.

I took the color swatches in the sunlight because I think it shows the most accurate finish for the shadows. I think they will definitely catch the light with a flash or under any artificial lighting… but they wear very velvet in natural lighting… which is good. This quint is highly versatile and easy to use.

I have NOT seen the quads yet, or that silver lippie that I really want. I think it’s at Nordstroms… and I’m not going near there until next week. As soon as I find the other pieces, I’ll let you know whether or not they’re covet worthy.

Ciao for now!