Pretty (&) Trendy… NARS Pure Matte Lipstick

VOLGA (blackberry) is on the left
described as deep aubergine on the NARS website, but comes out blackberry on me.
TERRE DE FEU (black cherry) is on the right
described as black cherry on the NARS website, but comes out true brick red on me.

For the record, I am NOT a fan of matte lips on a regular basis (how many looks do you see on me with a matte lip? Anyone? Bueller?). On fuller lips, the look is just… dated. But I’m always up for a good trend, provided the trend is pretty enough. I blame this curiosity on fellow blogger Jennifer Bradley (NU20Beauty). She asked me about these lipsticks some time back, and I shot it down. But then I got to see them in person.

I found these lovelies at a local beauty supply store (Naimies). They are not available yet at any of the major department stores here in Southern California. I’m told that most counters are just waiting for the green light to put them out. Space NK didn’t even have them yet.

Tehnically, I don’t think that I was supposed to be able to buy these. There was no display for them. I just went in and asked for them and the rep pulled them out of some packing boxes. These were the only two that I could safely buy without trying (no testers out yet). The others look like they have the potential to go VERY ashy. I would like a rose, and formulation willing… a nude. But I’ll have to snag those at a later date.

I messed around with these… they go on VERY STRONG. Omg. A light touch is key. The color is saturated, and there is absolutely no skip. They felt a little moisturizing at first, but I can see these lipsticks drying the hell out of your lips. I’d go for a healthy dose of lip balm before application. I also notice that they tend to stain.

I’m doing a matte face today for a screening of ‘Black Swan’ — so we’ll see how they hold up in real time.

Pictures to come… ciao for now!