Eye Adore: Hourglass Script Eyeliner

Just when you thought that eyeliners couldn’t get any more precise…

Hourglass Script Eyeliner boasts the unique combination of a precision brush head (that is NOT made of felt), and a potent eyeliner formula. Some precision heads are wonderful and/or unique, but the formula leaves much to be desired (Shu Uemura, I’m looking at you). The latex finish of this eyeliner may threaten to pull me from my #1 favorite (Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner)… maybe.

The brush head is SO small. I was worried that it wouldn’t dispense any real product. But, when I tested it, I was not disappointed:

I drew three lines to show you how you can build with this formula. Now, as you can see, the smallest line skips. I think you’d need to go over it once, to get a truly deep  latex finish. These are all done in single swipes (1, 2, and 3). The more you layer this formula, the more ‘intense’ and shiny it becomes. I applied almost no pressure while doing this swatch (I’m still testing out my perfect technique for this).

Now, the down side is that you MUST store this liner upside down… with the tip pointing downward. Store it in any  other position, and you run the risk of the brush head drying out. Because the tip is SO small, it has to stay saturated to work properly. At least this has been my experience.

This pen was provided to me by the lovely ladies at Space NK in Sherman Oaks, CA…

You can learn more about Hourglass Script Eyeliner HERE.

*pr sample