Lip Service: Rouge d’ Armani Sheer

Armani has hopped on the ‘sheer color’ bandwagon, with a fabulous selection of lipsticks just in time for the upcoming Summer season.

The jury is still out on the promo picture… especially since the lipstick is NOT that opaque in practical application. There’s also no product translation for the rest of the makeup on her face. It looks like she has vaseline on her lids… which I imagine would be fine if Armani was selling vaseline.

The color range is pretty extensive… there’s a shade for just about every skin tone. I was most impressed with the two ‘brights’ of the collection: Coral 300 and Pink 500:

Coral 300
Pink 500
These formulas are highly moisturizing. The lipstick emulsifies almost immediately after making contact with your skin. These are my favorite colors because they’re the brightest, and I think they’re perfect for the coming season. 
You can find out more about Armani Sheer Lipsticks HERE.