Sisley: The Answer to Vitalumiere Aqua

Hey Guys!

I discovered something WONDERFUL at the Sisley counter recently:

Meet ‘Phyto Teint Eclat’ — an oil free, medium to full coverage, weightless, ‘dries down to a powder’ foundation!
Sound familiar? The formula is shockingly similar to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua, but with a bit more to offer. For starters, this lovely foundation comes with a pump…

…and it could be me,  but although it’s only an ounce, it looks like this bottle holds much more product than its Chanel counterpart.
Like Vitalumiere Aqua, you have to shake this foundation up first before you use it. But UNLIKE Vitalumiere Aqua, this foundation comes in a much more diverse range of colors!

This is me:

Now, that looks a little pink right? It’s not. I put it on, and it’s a dead match for my skin tone. But there’s a cloud behind this silver lining. The ‘dries down to a powder’ part of this foundation can be a problem with flash. Like the Revlon Photo Finish (still hate the smell), the ‘reflective particles’ in this foundation can make it go too light under a flash.

This is me without flash. The foundation is DEAD ON for my skin tone. It’s not set with a powder. It set that way all by itself.

With flash, it’s a different story. It appears too light. That means, this is NOT the foundation of choice for say, a red carpet event (lots of flash bulbs), but it’s perfect for natural light… say for an outdoor photoshoot or a day/night out with friends. It also looks fine under artificial light, but the additional light from a flash bulb could be a problem.

Other good news… it’s TOTALLY weightless. It feels like a light skin cream going on, then the feeling disappears. I’m amazed by the weightlessness and finish.

I’m definitely keeping it. I took the Vitalumiere Aqua back, so this will be a lovely replacement. To be fair, I should mention the price. Not cheap. 115.00 — so it’s definitely an investment. Compared to Chanel’s 45.00 price tag, Sisley is really asking you to take a leap of faith with this foundation.

As always, swatch first… then make a decision. Don’t mess with this foundation sight unseen. It’s too expensive to potentially be unhappy with it.