Per-fekt Press Kit

Hey Guys,

I wanted to share some of the goodies that came in the Per-fekt Press Kit:

Skin Perfecting Gel in Rich, Body Perfecting Gel in Exotic, Lash Perfecting Gel (black), Lip Perfecting Gels in Hollywood and Vine (so LA, lol).

Skin Perfecting Gel in Rich (notice the matte finish. oily skinned girls rejoice!)
Body Perfecting Gel in Exotic
Lash Perfecting Gel
Lip Perfecting Gel in Hollywood
Lip Perfecting Gel in Vine
I am IN LOVE with the Skin Perfecting Gel probably the most. That stuff is so perfect for putting on a little making up and going on with your life. I love the matte finish… because I’m so shiny that I don’t  need ANY help in that department. I’m still experimenting with the other products… and I’ll test them in practical application in coming posts.
Ciao for now!

Professional Grade: Pretty Per*fekt

On Tuesday, I got invited to a press event for Per-fekt Beauty. I was excited to see what was new with the brand, as honestly they’d fallen off my radar for at least 5 years. I remember a skin perfecting gel, but never investigated and honestly just kind of forgot about it.

I was invited to the Per-fekt headquarters in Hollywood, with other members of the Beauty Press… for a presentation on the newest additions:

 Our Per-fekt host (and owner), Richard, entertained us (and made us participate) with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of each product. I even got to model some of the new cheek color, and eyebrow perfecter.

I had to leave early, but the place was pretty packed by the time I left. And when I stepped outside, more people were coming in. So I think it’s fair to say this was a very successful party. I left with the most lovely goodie bag (which I’ll dive into in a separate post), and a smile and a wave from Richard. He’s a pretty awesome dude. His product is excellent… I’m mad that I never paid attention to it. You can use a little bit to get a lot done. Every single product is a multi-tasker. Gotta love that!

More on Per-fekt Beauty is coming. Ciao for now!