Lashing Out: RBR Oxblood Panache

Spring has already sprung at Rouge Bunny Rouge! To celebrate the coming season, they’re releasing a new mascara in a deep reddish berry (?), called ‘Oxblood Panache.’

Now before you freak out over the idea of red lashes (I was a bit concerned initially too), consider this: most purple/aubergine/burgundy mascaras look amazing on hazel and sometimes blue eyes. You can boost brown eyes with these colored mascaras at the very tip of the lashes, or even at the base under a black mascara.

Color me intrigued. Burgundy is not a color I typically associate with Spring (it’s more of an Autumn/Winter shade to me), particularly in makeup, but I’d be willing to give it a whirl.

What do you guys think? Yes… No… Maybe?