Oscar’s Best: Head to Toe

Beyond nominations and awards, I’m always on the lookout for who pulled it off completely beautifully and effortlessly, head to toe.
My choices always surprise people, but I tend to be pretty strict. The Oscars are NOT the time to be experimenting with hair and makeup. I’m just saying.

First Place:

Sandra Bullock looked like she was born looking that way. Her hair (like SILK), makeup and dress were chic, effortless and simply stunning. I was impressed … even as other folks were struggling to hold in bellys and keep their hair in place. She looked so elegant, with just enough of an interesting dress to pull it all together. She gets top marks for everything in my book: Hair, Makeup, and Styling.

Second Place:

Gwenyth would have taken first place, had it not been for the SHOULDER PADS in that dress. Her simple elegance always looks so effortless. But I have to tell you, I was so mad when she took that cape off and I saw those shoulder pads. It was nearly a theme for the night. Between her and Milla Jovovich, I was through. Perfectly beautiful dresses, ruined by shoulder pads. Gwenyth was wearing Tom Ford, who is a fan of the 80’s. Apparently he infected this lovely frock with a trend that should have been left in that decade. Hair and makeup wise, she kept it simple. I was excited to see her with that hair style instead of her traditional bone straight bob (long or short). I liked the ‘warmth’ of her makeup too… she seemed to smile a lot more. I loved it.

Third Place:

I thought Cameron Diaz looked exquisite, but she could not get control of that hair. It was all over the place by the time the show was halfway over. I also took away from the structure and polish of  her dress. So close to effortless elegance, but the hair turned Haute into Haggard.

Those are my top picks. I wanted to love some of the other ensembles, but something always threw it off. A misplaced belt, the wrong hair color/style, or atrocious makeup.

I admit to being a stickler about this sort of thing… so please forgive the ‘edge’ to my criticisms. We do this once a year, so I feel that we ought to put a little more effort in looking ‘put together’ — from top to toe.