Guerlain Les ORS… Shimmer n’ Shine All Over!


I messed around with the new ORS Imperiale shimmer spray from Guerlain (Holiday 2010), and I cannot tell you how freakin’ AWESOME this product is. You can use it EVERYWHERE… hair, body, face… whatever. A little shimmer looks like a highlight; a lot looks like art. It’s a ‘dry’ spray shimmer. There is no liquid or anything. You just spray it like a perfume, and blend it out with your fingers. The shimmer is so fine (NOT LIKE GLITTER) that you can blend it out as much as you like.

That said… It’s totally impractical, because it’s so expensive. I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay $85 for what is essentially a shimmer product. But it’s the best version of this product that I’ve seen thus far. The one from Tarina Tarantino doesn’t even work half the time (the pump seems to just give up after a couple of sprays), and the shimmer isn’t nearly as fine, nor does it stay where it’s supposed to.

The thing is…
I love this product so much that I’m willing to share it with at least one other person. 
 as part of the Holiday Giveaway!

I’m so excited about this product… but of course, I’m a total makeup geek. Here’s hoping whoever wins it, will be just as excited!