Beauty By Night (PM Skin Care Routine)

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about my skin, and specifically… my skin care routine. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have acne prone and oily skin (and some of you have seen the photographic evidence), and that keeping it under control is a daily exercise.

Day or night, I never make a move without my Clarisonic. I know that a lot of people use this device to help remove their makeup. I would never. I just think it cuts down the effectiveness of the ‘deep clean.’ I always remove my makeup first, with a remover oil or cleansing water. THEN I pump a little face cleanser on the Clarisonic, and deep clean  my skin.

I took this picture of my bare skin after removing makep and using the Clarisonic. I purposely took the picture at night, before beginning the moisturizing routine.                                                                           
My daytime routine has almost never changed… Habibi Oatmeal & Peppermint Wash and Moisturizer, and sunscreen. I did change my sunscreen for a stronger version at the beginning of summer. I now use Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30. 

But at night, I tend to layer. And every few months, I alter those layers a bit because my skin adapts… and just like a workout plateau, I have to shake things up to continue progress.

So I start with Habibi Oatmeal & Peppermint Face Wash and Moisturizer, then I follow with Ren Bio Retinoid Anti Ageing Concentrate.
This is the strangest little miracle product for me. I press half a dropperful into my skin and give it about 5 minutes or so to sink in. It has a slick feeling, but absorbs very nicely. Normally, I’ll brush my teeth and floss while I’m letting it absorb.

 Then I seal it with this little concoction:

I use half a fingerful of Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants balm, and one pump of M Steves Rose Hip Seed Oil Boost. If it’s really hot and my skin is in the mood to reject anything too oily, then I just use the M Steves. But if it’s feeling particularly dry and I know that I need a nice dose of moisture to work through the night, then I’ll mix the two.

I constantly pay attention to my skin. I know that its needs change with weather, hormonal changes, mood, circumstance (lack of sleep, stress, ect). So although my basics always stay the same, I’ll switch up by adding or subtracting ‘boosts’ or helpers along the way.

I’ve kept this routine pretty much through the summer. Although it’s hot as all get out, I still moisturize my skin at night. Even oily skin needs moisture. And as I get older, I’ve found that I need more moisture at night. Hopefully, this helps answer questions about  my skin care routine. Ciao for now!

Shahada’s Little Helper: Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Balm

I’ve been getting a bunch of emails about my skin care routine. I stay basic with Habibi Skin Care for oily and acne prone skin. But I constantly integrate other products into that routine, to keep my skin looking its best.

Recently, I started adding Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants balm, as a final step in my skin care routine. Here’s the thing: I have REALLY oily skin. So you’d think that this would be a no no for me. But surprisingly, this balm is not greasy, and it doesn’t clog my pores. It’s been softening the … ahem … fine lines in parts of my face, and really giving me an overall glow.

I’m going to give you the down side first. This is a REALLY small container. It’s less than half and ounce, and it’s more than $50. And they say that you only use a little bit to get the job done, but I use a finger-full to cover  my face. Whether that’s a little or a lot, is likely a matter of opinion.

I am in love with this balm. The ingredients are absolutely superb. And despite the fact that it’s called a ‘balm’ — it absorbs and leaves a beautiful glow (not an oil slick) on my face. I only have one complaint: I want it to come in a bigger jar.

You can find out more about Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants ‘Moisture Veil Balm’ HERE.