Oily Skin Solution

Most people with oily skin think that a ‘lack’ of moisture in products is the best way to care for the face. Not true! Oily skin needs a little moisture too. It just doesn’t need as ‘much’ as say… a dry skin type. But if you leave oily skin ultra dry, that’s just a signal for the face to produce more oil! And really… who wants that?

So we offer you our oily skin solution:

Our Organic Essential Toner is alcohol free. That means it won’t dry out the skin. It’ll help reset your PH levels (after cleansing), soothe, and prep the skin for moisturizer.

Our Organic Essential Moisturizer is aloe based… but does contain healing butters and oils. But it is NOT oily. It won’t leave a grease slick on your face. It feels comfortable (and a little tingly, thanks to the peppermint), and settles nicely about five minutes after you put it on. We recommend using it twice daily, to keep oily skin hydrated and blemish free.

You can find out more about our Toner and Moisturizer on our website.

Stay beautiful!