Essential Spotlight: Lavender

This is likely one of the most commonly used essential oils around the world. Lavender is known for it’s gentle healing and antiseptic properties. It’s a common ingredient in skin care for both face and body care. Flip over any ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ skin care product, and you’re likely to see it listed among the ingredients.

English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) produces a sweet essential oil… and tends to be the preferred oil for most perfumes, lotions and creams. Dutch Lavender (Lavindin) has higher levels of camphor, which results in a ‘sharper’ fragrance.

According to folk wisdom, Lavender can help heal insect bites, burns and ease headaches. Bunches of  lavender have also been known to repel insects. Lavender seeds and flowers are sometimes used to help with relaxation and sleep.

We use a healthy dose of Organic Essential Lavender in all Habibi products. We’ve found that it literally helps give each product a ‘healing touch.’