Organic Essential Body Lotion

When we pulled the Organic Essential Body Lotion from the website, there was a collective protest of WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Here’s why. We wanted to make the formula better. While we know that many of our customers loved the original formula, we wanted to do more. One of the things we eliminated was Wheat Germ Oil. That’s because we got an increasing number of emails about concerns from those with wheat or gluten allergies. And although our wheat germ oil was processed from a single source… we knew that it might still pose a problem.

So we removed it.

Instead of basing our lotion formula in water (which is standard), we switched to aloe. We found that overall, it makes the formula thicker, binds to the skin better, and doesn’t move until you take it off. It also cuts down the ‘slick’ factor. Sometimes it takes a little ‘work’ to get thicker lotions to absorb. But our new formula cuts down absorption time, without sacrificing oil and aloe content.

So that’s it! The lotion has been ‘re-added’ to the lineup at in every fragrance available (including a couple of ‘limited edition’ selections).

You can find out more about our Organic Essential Body Lotion HERE.