Mini Haulage from Sephora

I’ve been meaning to post this… time sort of got away from me. I’ve been hunting down that silvery lipgloss for the Dior Spring 2011 collection. I finally broke down and got it from the Sephora website. I don’t really like buying some makeup that I can’t try out first. I was a little worried about this gloss, because I wasn’t really sure how it would translate.
I also got the Ore pigment from the Illamasqua Holiday Collection, and the YSL Touch Eclat in Or (also from the Holiday Collection:

Illamasqua Ore Pigment is described as a rich antique bronze.
I swear that By Terry has ruined me for YSL, because I wasn’t very impressed with Touche D’Or. It’s cute… but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the By Terry illuminators, or the Light pens from Elis Faas.

I smudged part of it out to show you that it’ll blend down to a nice shimmer. It’s nice… but certainly not covet-worthy.

Finally, the entire reason for my sephora purchase (I wanted the free shipping): The Dior Lipgloss in Silver:

As you can see, it’s not really silver. It’s more of an iridescent grey. There is a multicolored shimmer in the gloss, to make it a bit more ‘silvery’…

I think this gloss would work best if it’s layered over something else. I wore it alone, and I really couldn’t see any major difference on my lips. The formula is EXCELLENT though. Non-sticky and long wearing. It’s not a color that’ll move you on it’s own. I’m going to layer it next time and see what happens.

That’s my little haul! Ciao for now!