Professional Grade: Shots from the Set

One more day of prinicpal photograpy… and we’re done! Season One will be in the bag. Random shots from the set…

All makeup is done by me.

My back is KILLING.ME. Whew! I’m looking forward to taking a mini-vacation after this.

Professional Grade: Back On Set

It begins again… back on the set with more junk food than I should ever be allowed to eat… EVER. I promise that I’m going on a diet after this…

It looks like we may get the season sewn up pretty quickly though. I’m excited, because it’s really starting to come together.

I took a few more photos while the characters were rehearsing… and got approved to release one:

The lighting in this place is great… that’s all natural light. No flash. I had to take it quickly and get out of the way (I’m supposed to be on set with brushes and makeup… not a camera)…

I can’t wait to see the final results of this endeavor.

Professional Grade: On The Set

Hey Guys…

I’ve been asked to share some of my experiences with working on a set (movie/television/video)… good and bad. I imagine that the experience for the makeup dept. differs from that of those who are actively making the project come together.

For us, it can be a lot of ‘hurry up and wait.’

Right now, I’m working on a webseries. It’s coming together, but the hours are MURDER. Omg. I’m pulling 12-16 hour shifts. That’s about par for the course. The last music video I worked on, it was a 22 hour shoot. Yep, almost an entire day.

There is a silver lining to my exhausting cloud of work .. on this particular project.

I’ve been charged with more than just keying the shoot. I’m also responsible for ‘designing’ custom looks for each of the characters in this series. Not just their regular makeup looks, but for their ‘costume’ looks as well. That’s a huge undertaking… but I’m  honored to be part of it.

The hilarious thing about designing the looks is that I’m NOT a paper artist. I can barely draw a stick figure… lol. If not for the MAC face charts, I’d be hopelessly screwed. The looks are taking shape as I go (I keep adding a bit more), so that means lots and lots and lots of pictures as the finished product is realized.

I can’t share the pictures right now (intellectual property concerns), but I’ve been told that they’ll start getting approved in about a week or so.

I’ve gone through a TON of MAC Acrylic Paints to make it happen.

This stuff has saved my behind on more than one occasion. Despite my personal silicone allergy… it’s working VERY well on the characters.

I’m also playing with the Armani Eyes to Kill Shadows because they stay put once you apply them… and don’t move, even under hot set lights.

And almost all of the extras are being done with sleek eyeshadow palettes.

Those palettes have been doing more than just functioning for eyes. I’ve also mixed colors for blush, and even lips! I love those things. Worth every penny, and right now… they are saving me a lot of time and energy for the extra work.

Normally, when you key a project, you get an assistant who will do things like lay foundation for you, and do makeup on the extras. But because of the timing of this project, I came in on it solo. I think I’m getting an assistant next week. Here’s hoping…

I’m off the set for most of this week (so I’ll get back to regular blogging), and back on set Thursday.

Right now, I’m working on catching up on my sleep. LOL Ciao for now!