YSL: Autumn 2011

Here is the concept:

Looks a little Spring-like to me… but I’m not judging. The colors from YSL’s Autumn 2011 collection are mostly purples and greens… with a little rose thrown in there for good measure.

 I had initially intended to pass the collection by — until I saw it in person. The most note worthy items are the eyeshadow quad, one particular blush, and the lipstick. I left the lipstick behind, as I already have more purple lippies than I can count. But the other two came home with me…

‘Ombrés 5 Lumieres’ Palette in #4      Blush Radiance in #3
I like the idea of the palette… the colors are beautiful, but totally dupe-able. This one may not survive the journey to my kit. I might end up taking it back. We’ll see. The blush is amazing though, because it’s not actually a ‘blush.’ It’s designed to ‘brighten’ or alter the color of an existing blush.

The entire swatch is of a bright pink blush. But on the left, I put the radiance blush on top. As you can see, it totally lightened the color and turned it into a soft, cool rose color. I love that idea! It’s a really nice thing to have in a kit. I can’t imagine that it would be practical for everyday use, but I’d say this is a pro must have.

See the eyeshadow colors? Totally pigmented, but kind of dupe-able. The jury is still out. The palette is gorgeous, but the truth is I just don’t need it.

Regardless, those are my favorites from the collection. I’m glad that I resisted the urge to get the lipstick. It’s wonderful, but it reminds me a LOT of  Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense in #15. No point in having two of those.

Ciao for now!