2012: Resolutions

First Day of the New Year, and I thought I’d list a few Resolutions. I did sort of okay with last year’s resolutions. I’m working on doing better… I am.

This is what I want to do in 2012:

-Go on Vacation! I need to make time to just relax… and not worry about work or Habibi or makeup or anything. I want to go away for a week or two, and just veg out.

-Get Organized. I’m working on last year’s resolution. I’m doing better. I did get organizers for this makeup (I need a few more)… and I’m getting better at organizing Habibi. It’s coming along… I just need to do more.

-Boost the Beauty Section for Agenda Magazine. I’m getting better at laying out my goals, and setting a theme for each issue. I’m learning to think ahead, and move things along. It’s getting better.

-Set a new Money Goal. I’ve been working on this for a while. This is just a continuation. I set a $$ that I want to save, and work toward that goal. That money goes to my Rainy Day Fund (everyone should have one). This year, I set a new goal. Here’s hoping I meet it!

That’s it! Here’s hoping I make my goals for 2012.

New Year’s Resolutions

In 2011, I RESOLVE TO…

-Stop cussing. I dropped an f-bomb while I was on the phone with my sister (some little ankle-biter jumped out of his father’s car while it was still moving… and slammed the door into my car!). I was totally mortified. Sorry little sis. I’m going to behave more like a lady in the coming year (and the coming decade).

-Make more time to be on time. I am ALWAYS RUSHING SOMEWHERE. I’m one of those people who try to do too much in too little time. My migrane last night was due to downing a glass of cranberry juice in the morning, and forgetting to eat for the rest of the day ’cause I was too busy running around doing errands.

-Get Organized! Why am I always cleaning my brushes at 10 minutes to MIDNIGHT before a gig the next day? SMH. I will do better. There is no reason why I should take over the dining room organizing two makeup kits and about a billion brushes, when I really need to be getting some *damned* sleep. What? It’s not 2011 yet. ONE MORE cuss word for the road!

-Deal with my website madness. My company website is just dated all to be damned, and my makeup website has yet to be completed (I’m looking at YOU little sister! Hmph… this is why you don’t do business with family). I need to dedicate some time to getting my head out of my proverbial ass (one more cuss word! Don’t judge!) and getting my online presence ship-shape.

-Spend less money on makeup. Wait… that’s a lie. I’ll probably spend even more in 2011.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Share ’em with the class!