Lashing Out at Dior ‘New Look’ Mascara

‘New Look’ — indeed. Everything about this mascara is new: The packaging, the wand, the formula, and the performance. Unfortunately, Dior should have probably stuck with the old… as in, what actually works.

Everything about this mascara is small. The tube is smaller than traditional Dior mascaras, and the wand is small as well. The regular Dior Blackout wands absolutely dwarf this New Look wand, which looks better suited to ‘bottom lash’ application.

If the size is not problem enough, it’s also made of a thick plastic. That wand is perfectly awful. There was no tester at the Sephora where I bought it, so I ended up purchasing it blind. If ever there was a time for a tester… it was with this mascara.

But, in the interest of fairness, I tried it anyway:

It lengthens fairly well, but there is NO volume associated with this mascara. Its finish just isn’t noteworthy… especially when you have to try to achieve it with that awful wand. I don’t like this mascara at all. I have no idea what Dior was thinking with this packaging or formulation. The DiorShow and Blackout mascaras easily live up to their hype. This one, sadly, does not.