Wet n’ Wild Says: SHUT YO MOUTH!

I can’t truly take credit for this. A post by Beauty and the Brown Girl sparked my interest in these alleged tinted balms.

Here’s her review:

They claim to be a natural balm with a hint of color. A HINT? I don’t think so. What they really are, are natural lipsticks. 

Look at this!

Harmless enough, right? Looks like a balm… so you’re thinking… it’s probably going to behave like a balm. And then you swatch them:
 Yeah, I don’t know ANY tinted lip balm that swatches like that. Fresh (Sugar), I’m lookin’ at you.
These little suckers might FEEL like balms on the lips (totally non sticky and moisturizing and even a little minty) but they wear like lipstick. Check it out:






I feel like Wet n’ Wild just flipped everybody off… AGAIN! They did it the first tme with those Iconic Eyeshadow Palettes. These lovelies are $1.99 a pop. They look good on and (more importantly) they FEEL good on. The colors I’ve shown you were all I could find. There are three or four more out in makeup land eluding my grasp at the moment. Not to worry… ya’ll know I am tenacious about this sort of thing…

Get ’em. Get one color, or all of them. At $1.99, how can you possibly go wrong?