Nailed It: Guerlain Nail Polish (La Petite Robe Noire)

Guerlain released its new line of nail polishes, and I’m happy to report that they do NOT disappoint. They are easy to apply, dry quickly and set beautifully with a clear coat. I was moving fast and had no time to really swatch and compare colors… but I wanted to stay on the ‘neutral’ side for my first choice. So I chose the polish in #463, La Petite Robe Noire.

The wide, flat brush reminds me a lot of the brush in the Dior polishes. There’s a trick to using this brush. Because it’s so wide (and a bit firm), you don’t have to ‘press’ the polish near the cuticles before swiping, as you would a traditional brush.

I absolutely love this color. It makes my nails look ‘polished’ without too much color… but just enough of a ‘flush’ to be noticeable. You can find out more about Guerlain Nail Polishes HERE.

NARS + Pierre Hardy (Blushes + Polish)

Well… I was all set to pass on this… and then a little birdy named Shontay was like: DON’T YOU DARE! So I listened… and boy am I glad I did!

NARS collaborated with shoe designer Pierre Hardy for a series of nail polish duos, and two of the most amazing blushes… perfect for summer.

I ended up with both blushes, and the nail polish duo called ‘Easy Walking’:

From the left: Blush in Rotunde, Polish Duo in Easy Walking, and Blush in Boys Don’t Cry
Blushes in Rotunde & Boys Don’t Cry: 
Nail Polish Duo in Easy Walking:
…and together:
The blushes are… BEYOND. they’re twice the size of regular NARS blushes (they’re about the size of the bronze duos), and the gold pattern is just overspray. Underneath is the most matte pigmented blush… just stunning. They blend out beautifully (so that you don’t end up with two massive streaks of color on your face)… and can be layered for even more intensity. Amazing. 
The nail polish duo is the most neutral of the selections. I like it because I can wear them separately or together, and they still make a statement.
You can find out more about NARS + Pierre Hardy HERE.

Nailed: NARS Lal Mirchi vs Chanel Holiday

I wanted to see how NARS Lal Mirchi Nail Polish (from the Thakoon Collection) compared to Chanel’s Holiday Nail Polish (Summer 2012):

Chanel’s Holiday is definitely more orange. In NARS’ defense, Lal Mirchi is described as ‘Mandarin Red.’ In reality, it’s more of a red-orange.

                                              Holiday is on the left. Lal Mirchi is on the right.

I think that I much prefer Holiday… I love a good orange. But I’ll also give Lal Mirchi a whirl. Both polishes can be found on their company websites (, respectively.

Chanel: Summer 2012

Okay, all of my final picks for Chanel Summer 2012 are here…

This promo picture did two things for me: made me realize that I did not want the bronzer, and made me realize that I DID want that nail polish.

I got the eyeshadow duo in Sable Emouvant, Glossimer in Calypso, Nail Polishes in Island, Delight, and Holiday, and Eye Pencils in Peche Cuivre and Brun Intense.

Sable Emouvant
Island      Delight        Holiday
Peche Cuivre
Brun Intense
Swatched together:

I am VERY happy with my choices. I swatched the bronzers and found them both to be a bit on the ashy side for me. The Beige version is definitely more of a highlighter, and the rose is like an pink shiny highlighter. Pass on both. I think they are much better suited to fair skinned beauties.
Otherwise, I am REALLY pleased with this collection. I think there’s definitely something for everyone.

Practical Application: Chanel Nail Polish in Peridot

I put on two coats of the Peridot nail polish. Of the three, this is likely my least favorite. It wears very shimmery in light, but I’ve notitced that it can look really flat and um… cheap… when it’s not under direct light:

 Under Artificial Light
Under Natural Light
Of the three, I think my favorite is Quartz, followed by Graphite, and then Peridot.

Practical Application: Chanel Quartz Nail Polish

These Chanel Autumn 2011 polishes are just amazing. I love every single one of them. Today, I did my nails in Quartz…

On me it comes out a distinct shimmer taupe. In the sunlight, I can catch hints of pink and multi-colored shimmer. Each one of these polishes has such a distinct personality. Chanel really did good with this latest collection of polishes. Love!