Glow On: NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta

Summer 2013 saw NARS produce a multiple that might be one of their best yet. If Rock & Republic Blush in Call Me came in a ‘cream’ version… it would be NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta.

The peachy shimmer (shot through with a healthy dose of gold) stick pulls a true peach… even on my warm skin tone. Any darker than my NC-43 tone will produce more of a gold color, and any beauties that are lighter will get a warm golden peach flush.

The formula is non greasy and blends out easily on bare skin, or over foundation, just using your fingers.

You can find out more about NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta HERE.

NARS Multiples Duo (Maui & Palm Beach)

I ordered my very first Multiples Duo. I have a few multiples, but rarely use them… mainly because I always forget about them. But now that I’m making a real effort to stick with palettes and other ‘flat’ items that I can easily pack in my kit… it seemed the perfect time to get a duo:

Maui is on the left, Palm Beach is on the right.
Maui is a lovely deep rose color, and Palm Beach is distinctly bronze. Both have that ‘dry’ creamy texture associated with multiples. I swatched them with my fingers, but found that they work just as well with a blush brush. I actually used the NARS Yachiyo brush for an FOTD (pictures coming).

They’re both really good colors. I’ll easily be able to use them separately, or blended together. You can find out more about NARS Multple Duos HERE.