Eye Adore: Chanel Montaigne Palette

This limited edition palette features a strange blend for Summer… I feel like the colors are more suited to Autumn. However, I was intrigued enough to score one for myself, because I wanted to know if the finish and pattern truly looked that good in real life. Plus, the colors in this palette are  highly wearable, and among my favorite shades and blends. I was worried that the lighter ‘golden’ colors might translate ashy on my warm skin tone. I’m happy to report that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Using just the awful brushes provided with the palette (I’m still waiting for brands to get a clue and realize that no one actually uses those things. Seriously… just give us more product in that extra space), I swatched the palette. All of the colors are VERY warm. The golds are really yellow, which I love. I’m not sure how well they’ll translate to fairer skin tones though.

Even the palest color is shot through with a healthy dose of gold. The darkest color is not actually black, but a very dark brownish grey, with a bit of golden shimmer through it.
Because of the practicality of this palette, I can see getting a LOT of use out of it. The colors are all highly wearable and blend together easily.

You can find out more about the Chanel Montaigne Palette HERE.