Sleek: Molten Metal

Sleek has answered the call…
After all the hype surrounding Illamasqua’s ‘Liquid Metal’ — Sleek came out with a cheaper (and dare I say, better) alternative:

This little baby holds two colors. I imagine Sleek might end up adding more colors as the product gains popularity. For now, they offer a gold color, and a pewter one:

The Pewter color is on the left, the Gold color is on the right. They’re smaller than Illamasqua’s standard size for this product… but how much molten metal are you actually going to use in any given application? When I first swatched them… I found them a little ‘oily’ — much like the Illamasqua version. But after that initial swatch, I noticed that the product was much drier and the swatches were absolutely solid:

Pewter is on the left… Gold is on the right.
I wore the Pewter color in my latest FOTD. I have to say, it hasn’t moved or creased or shown any signs of wear. It’s been about 3 hours. We’ll see what happens as the day wears on. Normally, if I use the Illamasqua version, it creases in about an hour.
Even if this product wears exactly like Illamasqua, it still wins because of the price. This little palette is 10.50 USD. Illamasqua Liquid Metal is 26.00.
So far.. so good. I really like the Sleek Molten Metal for both price and performance.

FOTD: Future Skin

I LOVE this Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation! The ONLY thing holding it back is this ugly little jar and the lack of applicator. But otherwise… omg. I put it on again today and was just blown away by the feel and coverage:

My skin is like … DANCING about how lovely this foundation feels. No weight whatsoever. I almost want to write Chantecaille and say: “Put it in a tube, and expand your color range!” They could take over the world with this foundation… no joke.

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (Banana)
Chanel Loose Powder (Dore)
Rock & Republic Blush in Call Me
Sleek Molten Metal in Pewter (lashline to brow)
IMAN Eye Defining Powder in Wicked (lid)
IMAN Eye Defining Powder in Black Magic (waterline)
By Terry Terrybly Mascara
Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in Insouciance