Professional Grade: Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

This is a little off the beaten path. But I’ve been meaning to really test drive the Koh Gen Do foundations for my kit. Since you use such a little bit to get the job done, and the tubes are easy and portable, it’s a really good addition. However, I do find the brand cost-prohibitive (the teeny tubes of foundation are $60) in terms of buying a whole bunch of colors to suit a wide range of skin tones/skin types.

The other thing about this brand is that the colors are a little odd. The are either VERY fair or VERY dark. This might be because the foundations are likely meant to be mixed with each other to create the perfect shade.

A lovely Makeup Artist named Cheyenne is helped me decide to take one of these foundations, in my color. She agreed that I should test its ‘Professional Grade’ on myself first, before making a decision to stock my kit with the other shades.

My shade is 301:

Now, I meant what I said about using the tiniest bit to get the job done. Watch this:

The formula imitates skin in look and texture as it blends in, but sets nearly matte and it does NOT move once you’ve put it on. I had to break it down with an oil based cleanser to get it off my skin.

I’m going to use it in practical application, to see how it wears under everyday conditions.