Glow On: DEX Mineral Glow Reflective Veil (South Hampton)

I keep meaning to pay more attention to this product line. DEX New York really works to accommodate every skin type and skin tone. Their motto is ‘From Sweden to Sudan’ … it seems that they’ve truly got something for everyone.

Recently, I came across the Mineral Glow Reflective Veil in ‘South Hampton’ — which is the perfect highlight for my warm skin tone:

You  have to shake this bottle up before you use the product. And I found that you can actually get a drop of product onto a brush, or directly on the skin without ever ‘touching’ the applicator to anything.

It blends out beauifully, just leaving a soft ‘flesh toned’ highlight. What I like about it is that it doesn’t go distinctly gold, bronze or pink. It’s kind of a combination of all three. It’s perfect for adding a subtle highlight by itself, or blending with a foundation to take the finish from flat to ‘luminous.’
Barring the applicator, this product is pretty awesome. It would have been nice to have it dispensed in a pump or something similar… but I’m not complaining. Much.

You can check out the full line up of makeup products from DEX New York on their website: