Product Review: Clarisonic


It’s been about a month since I started using the Clarisonic Cleansing device. I don’t use any of the cleansers that it came with. I make and use my own. I use the Clarisonic at least once a day… sometimes twice a day.

I got the ‘Plus’ version of the device, because it seemed like it was worth the money. For $30 more than the Classic version, you get two more speeds and a body brush head. I’ll take it.

I learned the hard way to read the instructions on this thing: You have to let it charge for 24 hours before you can even use it. And I’ve heard that some folks charge their device twice a year… but I find that I have to charge mine every 10 days to two weeks. That may have something to do with frequency of use.

From the first time I used it… I noticed a difference. It makes your skin REALLY.SMOOTH. Like… really. I couldn’t stop touching my face (which is probably a bad thing because I’m prone to breakouts). It’s supposed to clean your skin 5 times more than with regular cleansing (using your hands) and help boost the effectiveness of your skin care products. I don’t know about all of that.

Here’s what I can tell you for sure. The first week… every hidden blackhead and clogged pore on my face decided to show its ugly face. I had the WORST breakouts the first week… stuff just came to the surface like you would not believe. But, as quickly as they surfaced… they washed away. Typical life span for my breakouts is about a week. These disappeared in about two days. I feel like the Clarisonic speeds up the healing process for this sort of thing. Good news for someone like me… because the wind blows and I have a breakout. Good to know that I can speed up recovery. It also helps a LOT with hyperpigmentation. If your breakouts leave you with nasty little marks, the Clarisonic will help them fade faster.

Second and third weeks were good for me… but the forth week Mother Nature came calling and my hormones went berserk… and I had another breakout. Now I’m in my fifth week, and the breakouts are over. My skin is back to being smooth and fabulous.

I like this device a lot. I thought it was a lot of hype, but it’s really helped my skin look its absolute best. I love the fact that you don’t have to use a specific cleanser with it. The device works ‘with’ you and your individual skin care needs. I highly recommend it.

This thing is NOT cheap. So keep that in mind. The Clarisonic Mia is 149.00, The Clarisonic Classic is 195.00, and the Clarisonic Plus is 225.00. But it’s an investment that I think your skin will thank you for. If you’re not prone to any kind of skin issues, this will not be neccessary for you. But for those of us who are on a constant quest for great skin, this is a good tool to have in your arsenal.

I’m very interested in paying this device forward. So I’m going to do so in the very near future.


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