FOTD: Autumn Inspired

The day began really cool and very Autumn like… so I pulled out a little sage, a little orange, and a pair of falsies for the occasion:

Illamasqua Skin Base (#14 and #15)
Guerlain Meteorites (Dore)
Armani Blushing Fabric (Sienna)
MAC Eyeshadow in Studied Brown (brows)
Armani Eyshadow Palette in Jacquard:
Lightest Green on Browbone
Medium Green in Crease
Darkest Green on lid and under waterline
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero (waterline)
Smoke & Mirrors Beauty Lashes in Miami
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
Ellis Faas Milky Lips (L204)

The New Meteorites: Guerlain Goes Gold

Some posts back… I did a review on the original Meteorites from Guerlain (which I still have). The ‘new’ version came out with the last Holiday Collection, but I ignored it because I felt like they wouldn’t be much different from the old version.

I was wrong.

I got the one in Dore (gold). I was stressed because I thought it was going to go glitterbomb on me. But it doesn’t. There are enough matte balls in the mix to tone the shimmer down. In fact, the shimmer is less apparent than in the original formula. Yayy!!

I tried to swatch it… but it really doesn’t show up on camera. I have to go to a fashion show tonight for a local magazine. I’ll use it in practical application then, so you guys can see that it really balances out the skin without adding any color.

Better than the original… for sure. And the packaging doesn’t hurt either. I’d once complained about the cardboard box that the original Meteorites came in. This one is packaged better, and formulated better to boot! It’s a keeper.

Product Review: Guerlain Meteorites

A few people have asked me about Meteorites… so here’s a quick review.

I use the Meteorites in the original color (which is techically no color). There is also a Pink and a Bronze version.

It’s a collection of multi colored pearls (with a gold underbase) that’s designed to even out your skin tone. Each color is designed to do something specific for the skin: green to combat redness, lavender to even out sallow tones, and so on. The result is ‘white light’ or the appearance of no color imperfections on the skin.

Some have likened it to a powder ‘airbrush’ of sorts… as it’s supposed to give the illusion of perfection.
Here’s what I like about it: Meteorites works very well as a finishing powder for normal to dry skin. It really does give the appearance of an even skin tone, at first glance. You DO need to use it in conjnction with your foundation. It has NO actual coverage. Despite the many colored pearls, the result is translucent.

You should be aware… on oily skin, it tends to ‘stick’ if you’re using it to set a foundation. Unless your foundation sets matte on its own, this is not a good finishing powder. I used it once with Kevyn Aucoin’s Skin Enhancing Foundation (which lies wet until you set it), and it did not end well.

What I don’t like is actually rather minor. When I bought the pearls from Sephora, it came in this stunning little box and just looked like a treasure. When I opened it, I realized that the the actual container is CARDBOARD. WTH? I figure for more than 30 dollars, the least you can give a sista is plastic. Glass would have been elegant. But cardboard? Trifling.

It looks like the new line of pearls comes in a case a little more worthy of the price. If that’s true, then good for them. You ought to give folks the quality that they expect to pay for… packaging included.

I keep Meteorites in rotation. It’s a practical tool for me. It also smells nice. It’s not at the top of my list of finishers, but it does well for what it claims. If you have the $$ to spare, get it. But if you’re looking for something more practical in terms of packaging and performance (and less luxurious), this isn’t really the product to covet. It’s lovely. But honestly, it’s not really necessary.

FOTD: Blue Smoke

Playing around with Estee Lauder again… this time I used the ‘Midnight Star’ Eyeshadow:

I used the one eyeshadow to do most of the work. I did pop a Paint Pot under it to boost it through the crease though.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation (5.0)
Guerlain Meteorites
Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Temptation
MAC Paint Pot in Fresco Rose
Estee Lauder Eyeshadow in Midnight Star
Guerlain Powder Kohl in Bleu
Make Up For Ever Lash Fibers
YSL Faux Cils in Radical Black
Kaplan MD Lip 20 in Blackberry Shine
Here’s something I’ve noticed with the shadows: They pack on beautifully, but leave a bit to be desired with blending. I find that if you blend them too much, the color tends to skip… leaving little gaps of skin in between. Not good. I will give the brand kudos for the color payoff. But the formula needs a bit more work so that the shadows are more silky, and blend a bit more easily. I spoke to the SA at one counter and she told me to email the company… because apparently they’re interested in feedback. I think I shall.