Met Gala Gorgeous!

I took some time to watch the Red Carpet arrivals for the Met Gala in New York. Some of the looks REALLY stood out to me. Here are my favorites:

Carey Mulligan
As one of this year’s hosts, Mulligan simply SPARKLED in Prada. Her makeup was just to die for. She never wears bold lines or colors on her face. I was so happy to see her with a top heavy, dramatic eye. It looked absolutely amazing on her. Her face was balanced with a soft cheek and nude lip. Just Stunning. She was, hands down, my favorite of the night.
Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara is really getting the hang of this ‘glamour’ thing. I think that after shocking audiences with a very different version of ‘expression’ in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, Mara has gone out of her way to soften the lines of her face and feminize her style. I thought she looked edgy but elegant, and I loved the idea of pairing a rich lip with what may easily become her signature top heavy eye.
Solange Knowles
It’s not easy to pull off yellow. It’s even less simple to pull of a pemplum-style dress, but somehow Solange managed to do both. On the rack, I don’t know that I’d be a fan of this kind of style. But Solange managed to pull off a brighly colored, pemplum-styled dress and pair it with big hair and the most fabulous bracelet that I’ve seen in some time. She was smart about the makeup, and kept it soft and very polished. Loved her look from head to toe. Kudos.
Camilla Belle
I was pleasantly surprised to see Camilla Belle making the most of her beauty assets. Belle likely has the most formidable brows on the planet… but she never shies away from playing them up. She also doesn’t allow them to be the focus of her face. Belle looked stunning with glowing cheeks and a blood red lip. She balanced the look with an ethereal gown and minimal accessories. I thought she pulled the whole look off beautifully.
That’s it! Those are my absolute favorites from the Red Carpet at the Met Gala. Ciao for now!