Blushed: Kevyn Aucoin Fira {Mango} (for NC45 or Darker Skintones)

This is going right into the pro kit:

Kevyn Aucoin Blush in Fira {Mango} is the perfect color for really warm skin tones with red undertones. I always feel like this color category gets ignored in the blush department by mainstream brands. Many of the blush colors go ashy or pull too pink. But this dark orange color has a reddish undertone, and it’s perfect for warmer skin tones.

It swatches strong and matte. If I were going to use it on my medium skin tone, I’d have to use a very light touch. It pulls a little red on me, but if I use it sparingly, I can get a really lovely glow.

Even if I can’t use it for myself on a regular basis, I know I’m going to have so much fun using it on warmer skin tones. I can’t count the times that a client will sit in my chair, so worried that she’s going to end up looking ashy. I always take great pleasure in surprising them with colors and textures that compliment their individual skin tones. This blush is a gem. If you’re around NC45 or darker, I definitely feel like it’s a must  have.

You can find out more about Kevyn Aucoin Blushes HERE.