Clean Sweep: Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

It’s going to be 105 degrees today. No… really. It’s too hot to wear makeup… and if you do… it’s definitely too hot to use a cleansing balm or oil to get it off your skin. Especially when you have oily skin like me.

So I traipsed over to the Beauty Supply store and gave the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa water a test run. I was immediately impressed. Although it smells a little old school (like old fashioned lotion or something), it’s HIGHLY effective. One swipe and you’re done.

I tested it using a tip that I picked up from Lisa Eldridge (to soak cotton rounds and lay them on the eyes before sweeping the makeup away) and it worked like a CHARM. It leaves no residue on your face, and isn’t incredibly drying. I’m officially in love.

You remember the Kevyn Aucoin Mango Blush? Strong stuff, right? This spa water took it away with one swipe…

Really good stuff. Highly recommend it. Not cheap though. This bottle set me back $52. BUT It’s more than 16 ounces, and you need one pump to clean half your face. I’ve hardly made a dent in this bottle. There are two smaller versions of this cleansing water for $13 and $39 respectively. You can find out more about Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water HERE.

Clean & Moisturized

This is my Husband:
It may not look like it, but he is COVERED in makeup. From the back of his head, to the bottom of his chin, he has on several shades of foundation, concealer, and color corrector… all courtesy of an artist from MUD. Hubby is an actor, and they needed to make him up for a movie.
He got home and was positively itching to get it off! He has dry skin, so I didn’t want him to use soap and water (he’s a man; the most logical distance between two points is a straight soapy line). So I distracted him long enough to hide his bar of soap and I handed him this:
Looks like a balm, but it’s much more. This concoction is water soluble. The oils react and break down makeup, and then it washes away with warm water, leaving no residue behind. 
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick: Set for about 20 minutes.
The foundation breaks down immediately, when it comes in contact with the balm.
It rinses away clean, even if you just run the treated area under warm water.
Like most Darphin products, this balm is full of healing oils and botanicals. But like most Darphin products, it’s pricey ($150). So this is not a necessity. Definitely file this one under luxury. But it’s nice. I won’t lie. It smells divine (like essential Rosewood oil), and it works. 
But at the end of the day, if you need to take your makeup off… some much less expensive makeup remover will likely do just fine.
Just don’t reach for a bar of soap.

Take it off… naturally.

A recent trip to Space NK netted these cleansing cloths from across the pond…

Rodial ‘Glam Balm Wipes.’ They claim to remove makeup gently but completely. Primary ingredients are Water, Chamomile, Vitamin E and Glycerin. Sounds pretty gentle. But effective? Let’s see…

They’re standard size.

Top: MUFE Aqua Cream (waterproof. sets in 30 seconds)
Dior Forever Foundation (full coverage)
MAC Paint Pot

One Swipe…

The Aqua Cream is hanging in there a bit… will likely take more than one swipe to get it off. But the Paint Pot is GONE.. as is the foundation with no residue.

One more swipe…

Nicely done!

Then I just took the cloth and cleaned off the rest:

There’s no residue left behind. Normally, when I use a wipe, I follow up INSTANTLY with a cleanser because I don’t like the way my skin feels. But this left my face feeling refreshed, and it didn’t dry out. I went back over my arm with dry tissue and it came up clean.
I’d say, for what it’s worth, these wipes do precisely what they promise: remove makeup gently and completely… without heavy reliance on chemical additives and preservatives to get the job done.
Your skin will thank you.
I know mine did.