Luxury Grade: By Terry Or de Rose Teint Supreme

By Terry has found success in being unapologetic about luxury. The latest addition to the brand’s foundation lineup is no exception. Or de Rose Teint Supreme is a matte formulation, packed with all the benefits of skin care and the smell of a fresh rose bouquet. It looks and feels divine going on, and makes you feel… well…  expensive.

My shade is Magic Amber. There’s one shade darker, called Mythic Sand. The color range on this foundation is fairly limited (there are only five shades). I feel that it’s best suited to fair and medium skin tones.

Everything about this foundation presentation is stunning. The frosted glass bottle comes with a rose gold cap and pump, and is etched with rose gold ‘roses’ all around. It’s beautifully weighted and finished in every way.

Magic Amber has a distinct yellow undertone (which I prefer), and blends out seamlessly on my skin. It sets matte, so dry skinned beauties may want to take note. The foundation offers medium coverage; I found that when I tried to layer it, it caked up a bit, so I’d recommend not doing that.

Or de Rose Teint Supreme is NOT cheap. If you want it, you’ll have to pony up $112 for it. The idea of this foundation, I think, is to make you feel like a million bucks (while helping you look so). Every aspect of it, from the bottle design to the formula, is intended to make you breathe deeply (it smells SO wonderful) and smile. And for me, that is priceless.

You can find out more about By Terry Or de Rose Teint Supreme HERE.