Product Review: Beaute Cosmetics Luxury Brush Collection

Well, you can’t be good at everything.

Beaute Cosmetics, the brand that brought you the most amazing weightless lip creme and liqui-gel stains, also offers a brush collection.

Maybe they should have stuck with lip products.

The Luxury Brush Collection features 14 brushes, and retails at a not so cheap $380. I caught the 40% off sale, so I ended up paying $240 (including shipping) for the brushes. Considering the fact that I prefer top of the line brands like Hakuhodo, I was up for a ‘synthetic’ challenge if the craftmanship was up to par.
It’s not.
The brushes arrived in a really nice wrap. In fact, I’d say that the wrap is the best part of this collection. I was so excited at the quality of the wrap, that I did a a bit of a double take when I opened it and saw the brushes inside.
 The first problem with these brushes is the weight. They’re so light… the handles feel like they’re made out of cardboard or something… just awful. They feel like they’ll just float off of your hands, and they’re really hard to grip because the handles are thick and rather clumsy feeling. That’s a really bad idea, when it comes to accuracy and precision. The brush needs to fit in the hand and be weighted properly for perfect application. These remind me of jumbo crayons in a kindergarten playroom. The third (and most important) problem is the brush heads. For comparison, I took pictures of each brush next to a consumer grade brush, and a top of the line professional brush.
Beaute Powder Brush
Bobbi Brown (middle)
Hakuhodo (bottom)
Beaute Blush Brush
Bobbi Brown (middle)
Hakuhodo (bottom)
The foundation brush is fairly standard. It looks just like the MAC version, without the proper weight and handle shape.
Hakuhodo (top)
Beaute Contour Brush
Chanel (bottom)
Beaute Large Shadow Brush
Bobbi Brown (middle)
Hakuhodo (bottom)
Beaute Eye Shadow Brush
Armani (middle)
Hakuhodo (bottom)
Beaute Crease/Blender Brush
Armani (middle)
Becca (bottom)
This is probably the worst brush in the collection. The brush head completely impractical, and not dense enough to make any real impact. I have no idea what they were thinking when they fashioned this brush. It’s simply awful. Now, I really hate the Becca version too (and meant to return it… but missed the deadline), but in its defense… it cost me about $7.
Beaute Concealer/Corrector Brush
Bobbi Brown (middle)
Armani (bottom)
Beaute (top)
Hakuhodo (middle)
Beaute (bottom)
I put both of the Beaute Brushes in the same shot with Hakuhodo because they serve the same spot/treatment function. They just have different head sizes. These brushes are actually not completely atrocious. But the weight (or lack thereof) is still a problem.
Beaute Angled Brush
MAC (middle)
Armani (bottom)
Beaute Small Eyeshadow Brush
Hakuhodo (bottom)
Beaute Lip Brush
Shu Uemura (middle)
Armani (bottom)
So, considering the fact that I have absolutely no use for these brushes (other than to maybe gift them to my 15 year old niece as she experiments with makeup. Actually, she might not like these either), I should return them, right?
I send them an email. No response. So I send another email. NO RESPONSE. So I took it to twitter… and I finally got an email response:
“Hi Shahada,
Thank you for your order and we are sorry to hear that you are enquiring about our return policy on luxury products.  Our Return policies are listed on our website under the “Terms & Conditions” at .  Due to the nature of the products (cosmetics) you can hopefully appreciate and understand that we do not take returns other than for damaged or defective products which this is not the situation since you indicated no damage or defect as you did not touch the items and any product we take back could never, nor would ever, be brought back into inventory and/or resold due to our high standards to our customers as well as health, safety and quality control issues. 
Wishing you and your loved ones the very best New Years!”
I’m stuck with these brushes. I cannot in good conscience sell them, because I don’t feel that they are worth any real amount of money. A couple of these brushes are okay, but certainly not worth the asking price. I feel you’d be much better served with BDellium Tools, or EcoTools for a fraction of the price. Even THOSE brushes are weighted properly, and you can basically get them for a song. If you’re just heading into the ‘professional grade’ realm and don’t want to drop a small fortune on Hakuhodo, brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Armani and Laura Mercier would be much better options. If you want to stay with synthetic brushes (all of the Beaute brushes are synthetic), Illamasqua is is a great alternative.
My biggest issue is that because this is a mostly online based company, there is no way to test Beaute Brushes ahead of time. Otherwise, I would have made a different decision. And BECAUSE this is an online business, you’d think there would be a more logical return, or exchange policy. But no. You buy it, you’re stuck with it. And that policy makes these brushes just a bit more horrid.
Grade: F