Lip Service: Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait (Luxure)

The new Guerlain Laquers follow the likes of Chanel (Rouge Allure Laque), and most recently Shiseido (Lacquers) with  a formula that combines a stain, lipstick, and lipgloss all in one.

I tested them at Sephora, and found two things: 1) The colors don’t even remotely reflect their suggested descriptions, and 2) They are surprisingly drying.

I ended up with Luxure, which is supposed to be brown. It’s not. It’s more of a rusted orange, which is a color that’s right up my alley.

See? Not Brown. Not red or orange either… but kind of a combination of the three. I initially wanted Envie, which is supposed to be orange. But it’s so not. It’s more of a pinky-coral on me, so I passed.  I  might actually go back for Orgueil, which is a delicious rich purple/berry (not plum, as described) color… but later. At $48 a pop, I’m taking my time.

I think this color is absolutely perfect for Autumn, and I love the idea of the formula. I have to tell you, after about 5 minutes of wear, my lips felt dry, so I put a little orange lip gloss over it, and that seemed to make it (and the resulting color) just perfect.

You can find out more about Rouge G L’Extrait lippies HERE.