A little ‘Luster’ from NARS

I have to be honest… I am NOT a fan of NARS lipglosses. Granted, I haven’t purchased a gloss from the company since ‘Moonfleet’ came out back in the Stone Age… but the smell (halitosis!) and the sticky formula were enough to keep me from ever repeating such a purchase.
So, I admit that I was very cautious when NARS came out with matching sets for Sephora:

This is the set in Luster. It’s actually not a set; they’re sold separately (at regular price. Boo!). I’ve had the Luster blush for some time. The matching lipgloss was a Leap of Faith…

I’m pleased to announce… NO DISGUSTING BAD BREATH SMELL! And they’re not AS sticky as they were before. NARS still has a bit of work to do in the stickiness department. These are about 3 steps up from a regular MAC lipglass in the stickiness department. You won’t attract lint and random insects after you apply it, but you will leave a funky little residue on your drinking glass.

The Luster blush is a more golden version of Rock & Republic’s Call Me. I think it’s more gold than peach. Works well as a warm shimmer on fair to medium complexions, and a lovely highlight on darker complexions. Here’s what it looks like on me:

It kind of  ‘brightens’ my skin. I’m still working on my blush swatches… I know that’s not the best visual for how the blush wears. Not to worry. I’ll make a point of employing it in practical application over the next few days.