Sugarpill: Starry Eyed Surprise

I got two Chromalust eyeshadows from the latest Sugarpill additions. 
Meet Magentric…
 …and Stella

Swatched with flash…
 …and without.
Magentric is a magenta shadow with turquoise shimmer, and Stella is black with pink and teal glitter. Both are TO.DIE.FOR. As always, Sugarpill never fails to disappoint. So I wore it today … in the daytime … blended all the way out…

What the hell is that on the bridge of my nose? A loose hair from a rushed tweeze. Ugh.

SugarPill Rules!
That is all.

Beauty Breakdown: Dancing in Color

This is Ericka.
She goes down in my books as one of the most carefree models that I’ve ever worked with.  This is our third job together… the photographer wanted full make up in casual clothing with her in motion. Erika is a trained dancer and was up to the task.
Her makeup is BRIGHT:
There is absolutely no doubt about  that. Even I sat back when I got the pictures … lol. But I’m going to roll with it. Looking back, maybe I should have done more… or LESS! But eh, it is what it is. And you can’t grow if you’re not honest.
Here’s what I used:
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Chestnut
Bobbi Brown Concealer in Almond
MUFE HD powder
Cheeks: Illamasaqua Blush in Nymph
MUFE Aqua Cream (the royal blue. I never remember the number)
SugarPill Pressed Shadow in Dollipop
MAC Saddle (in the crease and blended up to the brow)
MUFE lashes
OCC LipTar in Hoochie
These pictures are raw. Meaning, they were taken, and emailed. No retouching (yet). I’m not sure if I love it, but it’s my work… so I’ll own it.