Charlotte’s Film Noir Nights

Holiday Makeup Season is upon us, and Charlotte Tilbury got way out in front with a fantastic offering that looks like it’s worth more than the asking price.


Film Noir Nights is a Lipstick/Eyeliner Duo, that features her latest addition to the Matte Revolution Collection: Opium Noir. It also comes with her Iconic Rock n’ Kohl Liner in Bedroom Black. Considering the fact that my original liner is basically an unusable nub, it was definitely worth it for me to purchase both for $49.

The items alone make the purchase worth it. But Charlotte went one further with this amazing lighted mirrored box:

I was so impressed when I opened it! Charlotte held true to her Old Hollywood Glamour inspiration with this set. It’s simply stunning and is meant to make an amazing gift to yourself or anyone who appreciates a quality makeup set.

Opium Noir reads like a black-based brick red in the tube, but it’s brighter on my skin. I thought it would go nearly goth based on the bullet color, but it doesn’t. It wears a true deep Hollywood 1930’s smoky red (what Tom Ford’s past offering should have been) in a black and white photo. Charlotte seems clear on what she was going for, and this lipstick does not disappoint.

I LOVE it. Charlotte really outdid herself on this one. The rest of the face is all Charlotte Tilbury: Magic Foundation (#9), Pressed Powder (#2), Filmstar Bronze & Glow (original), Rock n’ Kohl in Bedroom Black, and Full Fat Lashes Mascara.

Chanel Lips A/W 2016

I’ve been road testing a few of Chanel’s new Lippies for Fall, and so far so good. I skipped over the lipsticks … and not just because they are oddly bright for this season. Because… no. They don’t look impressive and swatched patchy on me. So, pass.

But the new Lip Inks are interesting. They’re meant to answer the rash of matte liquid lipsticks that have all but saturated the market. The formula is thinner (think YSL) and they can kind of be patted on to stain, or layered for a full opaque effect. The color selection leaves a bit to be desired; it consists of brights and reds with different undertones (pink, yellow, and brown). That’s about it. The standouts to me were 150 lip-ink(Luxuriant) and 154 (Experimente).

I also picked up the latest offering in the Rouge Double Intensity line: 102 (Milky Blueberry). I was honestly kind of skittish about the Lip Ink colors, and the blueberry is much closer to a berry look that would be perfect for the season.

All of the formulas are noteworthy. They look scary to apply (the pigment factor is pretty high) but they really aren’t. I’d recommend a steady hand and a light touch to start. I had no problem putting on the colors without the help of a brush or a lip liner.


As you can see, Luxuriant is a strong strawberry pink on me. Some people were describing it as plum, but that’s not a reality on my warm skin tone. Milky blueberry is much more of a cool plum on me, and Experiemente is my perfect shade of brick red.

I haven’t tried Experiemente in practical application, but I’m over the moon at the results from Milky Blueberry and Luxuriant:

The colors wear absolutely gorgeous, and they LAST. I ate and drank all day in Milky Blueberry and aside from a little wear in  the center, it held strong. Same for Luxuriant. So far I’m a happy camper. I don’t care for the rest of Chanel’s seasonal offerings; honestly these were the standouts for me.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick

I want to love them ALL, but alas, OFRA Liquid Lipsticks are really only as good as their color. My two hands down favorites are Brooklyn and Havana Nights (and I thought I would hate Brooklyn). I think it has a lot to do with their pigmentation. The darker colors wear creamier and dry satin but still don’t really transfer. The lighter colors go ashy when they dry and the medium shade I have (Miami Fever) applies very patchy and streaky.

ofra lip creme

From left to right: Surfer’s Paradise (0range), Brooklyn (dark brown), Daytona Beach (pinky coral), Havana Nights (brick red) and Miami Fever.

ofra lip creme 1

They are all gorgeous in the tube and there’s no way to know how they’ll apply and wear until you use them. The composition actually changes on Daytona Beach. It swatches a lovely creamy pinky coral, and then goes white ashy coral on my lips. And the dry down is so severe, that I have yet to wear it for longer than five minutes. By contrast, Brooklyn wears like the most comfortable lipstick you’ve ever used in your life. Same for Havana Nights, which is so good that I want another tube… just because. And they are insanely flattering… especially Havana Nights. It just looks like it was made for me.

Now Miami Fever might be my biggest disappointment because it’s SUCH a gorgeous color in the tube and it’s not super bright like Surfer’s Paradise so I thought it would just be an ‘apply and go’ color. Nope! You have to REALLY work with it because it’s so chunky and patchy. I do best when I apply it with fingers or mix it with a little shimmery balm (which destroys its ability to dry down and set).

As I understand it, these things are made to order. The consistency is all over the place though, so I don’t know if I should wait until OFRA gets it together before I place another order, or just abandon them altogether. Jury’s still out.

Meanwhile… I am gonna rock the HELL out of Havana Nights because… WIN! ❤

Lip Service: MARC JACOBS Lip Gel in Seduce Me

Designer Marc Jacobs is collaborating with Sephora to release a full line of makeup. From brow gel to concealer to lipsticks, the line covers almost every aspect of making up — from start to finish. Jacobs says he was inspired to start playing with ‘color’ (his runway models have been traditionally ‘plain faced’ until recently), while working with Francios Nars.

One of the more interesting additions to the line is a ‘Lip Gel’ – which had me a bit confused at first. It looks like a lipstick (comes in a traditional lipstick tube, with a bullet reminiscent of a pair of Marc Jacobs pumps that I sported about 15 years ago). So I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

I have the color in ‘Seduce Me’ (the entire Marc Jacobs line features cheeky names… much in the spirit of NARS or OPI), which is a soft berry color.

Now, here’s why they call it a lip gel. You know those ‘jelly’ finishes you get from some nail polishes and lip glosses? This is a more ‘solid’ version of that finish. This lipstick is highly pigmented and moisturizing, and leaves a jelly like finish on the skin.

The formula is extremely comfortable on the lips. I put this lipstick on dry (nearly chapped) lips, and it plumped them up beautifully. Without makeup remover, this lipstick will leave a bit of a stain. I used makeup remover to get it off completely.

Marc Jacobs Beauty will be available August 9th, at Sephora and on You can preview the line HERE.

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Lip Service: MAC RiRi Woo

Okay, so at first I was not understanding the massive deal about this lipstick. I mean… it’s a Rihanna collaboration inspired by her favorite color… Ruby Woo, right? Since it’s not at all my favorite red (pulls scarlet on me)… I was set to pass. And then I thought… what the heck. So I clicked ‘buy’ — sat around in the MAC waiting room for a few minutes… and checked out.

It got here this week. And now, I take back everything I just said.

It’s not like Ruby Woo. It’s warmer and deeper, but with that same amazing matte finish. It doesn’t pull pink on my warm skin tone at all. I was also worried about it going on too dry (a problem with some mattes), but it goes on very smooth… grabs the lips… and stays put.

Now with the flash, this color appears to finish ‘satin’ … but it’s definitely matte. So I took a few shots outside in natural light.

Since this was a designer collaboration, the demand for this lipstick was insane. It sold out pretty quickly. Not to worry… it’s coming back in June. I feel that it’s worth the wait. I really like this lipstick. I didn’t expect to be impressed, but I am.

Lip Service: Lipstick Queen’s ‘Hello Sailor’

Anyone remember ‘mood’ lipsticks? They’d come in these weird shades of green and blue and orange… and they’d all turn this hideous shade of fuchsia on everyone. The idea that they actually adjusted to an individual ‘mood’ was just a sales gimmick. It was the same color… no matter who wore it.

Poppy King of Lipstick Queen has decided to take us back to the ‘mood lipstick’ era, with a new blue lipstick called ‘Hello Sailor.’

This blue lipstick actually does NOT turn the same color on everyone. I’ve seen some pale skinned beauties featuring a distinctly berry colored lip. On me, it’s more of a soft rose. It wears very neutral, and I think it’s safe to give this lipstick ‘apply in the dark’ status, because it’s pretty hard to get it wrong.

As I understand it, Hello Sailor is a Barney’s exclusive. You can find out more about this ‘updated’ version of the quintessential mood lipstick HERE.

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Lip Service: UMA PARO (Le Metier de Beaute)

I believe I’ve found my perfect Spring shade:

This lipstick color is so perfect for my warm skin tone. I am head over heels in love. And the formula isn’t so dense that you can’t wear it with a little mascara and go. You can sheer it out or wear it full on. Love.

You can find out more about Le Metier de Beaute lipstick in Uma Paro HERE.

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Lip Service: Tom Ford Narcotic Rouge

This is the ‘pinker’ version of the matte lipsticks, in the new Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge Collection. It’s the ‘brighter’ cousin to Diabolique, and is better suited to neutral and cool undertones.

Like all Tom Ford lipsticks, the pigmentation level in this little tube is off the charts:

You can find out more about Tom Ford Lipstick in Narcotic Rouge HERE.

Lip Service: Hourglass Lipstick in EMBRACE

I am head over heels in love with Hourglass, and my love affair continues to blossom… one lipstick at a time. The latest lipstick to catch  my eye is the shimmer rose-bronze color, called Embrace.

This shimmer shade is extremely moisturizing and flattering on a wide range of skin tones. I tried it on my uber pale friend, and it went a deep bronze with just a hint of pink. On my warm skin tone, it’s a medium rose bronze color.

You can easily sheer the color out, or build it up for more drama. It’s highly versatile. I’ve worn it with a full face of makeup, and also with just a bit of mascara… and it looks equally gorgeous.

You can find out more about Hourglass Lipstick in Embrace HERE.

Lip Service: Hourglass ICON

This Holiday Season, pucker up with the ultimate collection of red lippies!

It’s no mystery why Hourglass appropriately named its blue-red shades of Lipstick, gloss, matte lacquer, and lip pencil ICON. The weight and feel of the lipstick packaging alone makes it… well… iconic. It feels like Old Hollywood. It’s luxurious without being obnoxious. It’s definitely something you want to pull out of your purse in public for a quick touch up.

Each one of these products is amazing in its own right. Each is high in pigmentation and feel amazing on the lips.
Lip Pencil   /   Lip Gloss  / Opaque Rouge Lacquer  /  Lipstick
Hourglass Lip Gloss in ICON
Hourglass Opaque Rouge Lacquer in ICON
 Hourglass Lipstick in ICON
All of these lippies exceed expectations in terms of wear and comfort. The gloss is non-sticky, the opaque rouge wears like a moisturizing stain, and the lipstick wears like a comfortable lip balm. I applied all with no additional moisturizing or exfoliating.
I am over the moon at this collection of reds. They are a luxurious way to to truly make you feel like an ICON.
You can find out more about Hourglass ICON Here.
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