GAIA Feedback Request


Has everyone received their GAIA? If so, I’d like to start with the feedback process. Typically if anyone buys from the website, after about a week or two an automated email goes out asking for feedback. Consider this sort of the same. I’d also like permission to use some of the comments in previous threads as part of the review process.

Meanwhile, can I say just how much I love Lipstick Queen Seven Deadly Sins glosses? My GOODNESS they are pigmented. I recently wore Vanity. It is EVERYTHING.


I’m gonna mess around and retire my lipsticks for the Summer. Between this and the new Armani glosses, there is just no need for any kind of extra on my lips. Love it.

The rest of the face is Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in Dore 23, Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzer (as powder) around the edges, Aurora Liner on the lashes and Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Mascara.

Lip Service: Butter London Lippy in Snog

I’ve been dying to try these. Ever since I saw them advertised as the perfect companion to Butter London’s fabulous nail polishes… I’ve wanted to get one.

I finally snagged the Lippy in Snog:

Of all the colors, this one looked the most flattering on me. These glosses are REALLY opaque, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a color. Definitely try before you buy.

Looks REALLY bright, right? But it settled nicely and warmed up on my skin tone. Turned out to be very flattering…

Love it. You can find Butter London Lippies at your local ULTA, or HERE.

Happy Valentine’s Day: From Illamasqua

I’m so excited! I was hoping that my selections from Illamasqua’s new Valentine’s Day collection would arrive in time. It came today!

I thought the promotional picture was just STUNNING…. Alex Box is just phenomenal. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the goodies from this collection!
Lipstick in Sangers, Nail Varnish in Load, and Intense Lip Gloss in Succubus.
Lipstick in Sangers (left), Lip Gloss in Succubus (right)
Lipstick in Sangers
Lipgloss in Succubus
Omg that is horrible. Nail Varnish in Load. Sorry for the shoddy application.
That’s it! I love these items. I love that the lipgloss and lipstick aren’t blue based reds.. they”re more of an orangey brown base. The lipstick is matte, and the lip gloss is opaque and non sticky. I’m going to actually have a PROFESSIONAL apply this varnish to my nails… I’m sure it’ll look better then.
Anyway, tha’s my little haul! Ciao for now!

A little ‘Luster’ from NARS

I have to be honest… I am NOT a fan of NARS lipglosses. Granted, I haven’t purchased a gloss from the company since ‘Moonfleet’ came out back in the Stone Age… but the smell (halitosis!) and the sticky formula were enough to keep me from ever repeating such a purchase.
So, I admit that I was very cautious when NARS came out with matching sets for Sephora:

This is the set in Luster. It’s actually not a set; they’re sold separately (at regular price. Boo!). I’ve had the Luster blush for some time. The matching lipgloss was a Leap of Faith…

I’m pleased to announce… NO DISGUSTING BAD BREATH SMELL! And they’re not AS sticky as they were before. NARS still has a bit of work to do in the stickiness department. These are about 3 steps up from a regular MAC lipglass in the stickiness department. You won’t attract lint and random insects after you apply it, but you will leave a funky little residue on your drinking glass.

The Luster blush is a more golden version of Rock & Republic’s Call Me. I think it’s more gold than peach. Works well as a warm shimmer on fair to medium complexions, and a lovely highlight on darker complexions. Here’s what it looks like on me:

It kind of  ‘brightens’ my skin. I’m still working on my blush swatches… I know that’s not the best visual for how the blush wears. Not to worry. I’ll make a point of employing it in practical application over the next few days.