Lip Service: Armani Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color

I think Armani may  have broken the mold…

Although everyone and their mother is releasing ‘velvet’ glosses this season… none have quite the ‘feel’ of the Armani version. These new ‘matte lacquers’ feel so good on, that I’m even willing to forgive the horrid packaging (red tops? Really? REALLY?)

I ended up with my favorites from the colleciton… the #401 (orange red), and #502 (rich pink):

What sets these apart from brands like Hourglass is that although they have the same opaque finish, they ‘feel’ like a creamy lipstick. You can blot the color, and even rub your lips together and not disturb the finish. I found them very moisturizing, despite their matte finish. They also stain (so you need makeup remover to take them off). Color me impressed. I’m definitely going back for more. You can find out more about Armani Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color HERE.