MAC Glitter & Ice (Paint Pots)


My Glitter & Ice stuff came from MAC. Much of the collection was a pass for me. I did order the Paint Pots though, because I feel that’s something that MAC does really well.

For Effect    Morning Frost   Let’s Skate!
For Effect
Morning Frost
Let’s Skate!
As expected, I LOVE For Effect. It’s a dark grey with a deeply imbedded shimmer… I really love the way it looks. Morning Frost turned out to be a bit of a dud. It’s functional, and it’s okay, but the color isn’t much to write about. The surprise was Let’s Skate! I thought it was a flat pink. But it’s not. It’s a multi-shimmer pink base, with both pink and gold sparkles (neither of which you can see in the pictures… BOO!). It’s interesting, and not too juvenile. I really like it.
I also got the Dazzleglass in Glitter & Ice…
…and I’m pretty sure it’s going back.