Flawless Finish: Les Beiges de Chanel

I think that Chanel may have finally gotten me past my distaste for powder  bases. An oily-skinned girl like me… of a certain age… is simply not interested in that ‘powdery’ look that some bases can give you, not to mention the inevitable settling of that powder into lines and wrinkles. By the end of the day, it’s just not cute. So I was very skeptical when I saw the new Chanel Les Beiges Bronzing Powders.

Foundation Type: Powder
Skin Type: All
Coverage: Sheer 
Finish: Luminous

The ‘Healthy Glow’ powders come in 7 shades… to accomodate a wide range of skin tones. Now, what I found is that these shades run on the darker side. Because they’re meant to be a bit of a glowing bronzing powder, there just aren’t skin to skin matches for very fair skinned beauties. But, having said that, the formulation is so forgiving, that I dare say that anyone can wear just about any of these colors… used in the right places the face.  And the powders are so finely milled that it’s quite impossible to overdo it.

I ended up with the powders in #20 and #30. Here’s why: I don’t want a ‘bronzing’ powder. I want a finishing powder, or a foundation powder. I was convinced of this after watching Lisa Eldridge use the powder as a base, for an everyday effortless makeup. She used #20:

I was so impressed with this video that I’ve decided that this is how I’m going to use these powders from now on. They’re rather expensive to be used just as a ‘finishing’ powder, although I understand that they do amazing over just about any foundation as well.

You can see there are very subtle differences between #20 and #30. #20 has a distinct yellow tone, for fair skinned beauties with that particular undertone (#10 has a pink tone). #30 is more of a caramel color, also with a yellow tone (#40 goes a bit more red, and that redness seems to increase as the colors get darker).  Now, before you worry that the powders might go to ‘yellow’ or too ‘red’ on any given skin tone, you should note that these powders are so subtle that you can really mix and match them beautifully. I almost feel like the variations in tone are to just give you a visual idea of what might work best for you, because those tones don’t really show up on the face. They kind of just neutralize you in every way.

This is my first attempt at using the powders. I have #30 on the edges of my face, and #20 just through the center. Following Lisa’s example, I used a kabuki brush (Hakuhodo G527M) to buff the powder in. I did screw up and put a bit of an oily sheen on my powder (which I will now have to scrape off) because  I  used it on freshly moisturized skin. In the future, I’ll blot down the moisturizer so that I don’t seal or ruin the powder.

The coverage is sheer, but it diffuses light so well that unless you have major imperfections, you can really get away with a teeny bit of color corrector or concealer on the hot spots. The powder blends seamlessly and sets beautifully. I am thoroughly impressed.

On the rest of my face:
MAC Blush in Immortal Flower
Chanel Eyeshadow in Gri Gri
Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eye Pencil in Black
Volume de Chanel Mascara
Lipstick Queen Big Bang Lip Gloss in Time

*A note must be made about the way these powders smell. The smell is DIVINE. OMG. Like roses and heaven or something. It’s light, but so elegant. I love it. It’s amazing.*

You can find out more about the powders on the Chanel website. They will be available in Nordstrom within the next two weeks (that’s what I’ve been told anyway). They are available at select Macy’s right now.