Flawless Beginnings: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation


YSL is ushering in the coming Autmun/Winter season with a foundation that will give its more expensive counterparts a serious run for their money. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation boasts a luxurious feel and finish, and stands alone as the seasons best full coverage formula.
I’m not kidding about the coverage.
This bottle is allegedly one ounce. I swear I don’t know how these companies measure their foundations, because that bottle looks like it holds a lot more than an ounce of foundation. I have the color in Beige 70, but I suspect this has a lot to do with  my Summer tan. By winter, I will likely be Beige d’Or 60. I’ll have to test it to be sure.
But that brings me to the other thing that makes this foundation stand out: the color selection. There is a Beige Series, a Beige Rose Series, and a Beige d’ Or series (gold). LOVE that. There are two shades darker than Beige 60… and a whole slew of shades lighter than this. It looks like YSL really invested in working to cover the color spectrum.
One pump dispenses a LOT of product. You can easily cover the entire face (with maybe some left over) on one pump.
It spreads thick and creamy, like DiorSkin NUDE or Guerlain Paurue Aqua
I had way too much product here. Just that one pump was too much for my little swatch area.
But look what happens when I fully blend it out (I ended up covering my entire forearm to disperse the product). The coverage is FULL. And I was worried that such full coverage would mean a heavy ‘feeling’ on the face, but that’s not the case. It blends out, dries down to a demi matte finish, and sets beautifully. If you’re going to use this during the summer, you might want to keep it for nighttime makeup. It’s totally full. But it’s going to work WONDERFULLY for the Autumn and Winter months.
I’m going to test/swatch Beige d’ Or 60 and see if that’s a better match for my ever changing skin tone. If not, this will definitely work.
You can find out more about YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation HERE.
*pr sample