Lip Service: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

These are closer to what Chanel is and what Guerlain should have been: A lip lacquer that goes on like a gloss but wears like a lipstick. I find this formula absolutely delightful. If I had a complaint… it was that Shiseido put more product in the tube. I feel like my tubes came half full — although that might simply be a testament to the lightness of the product.

I ended up with three of the best colors from the collection, in my opinion. Orange (of course), Fuchsia, and a brown-based Red.

OR 508
RS 404
RD 607
I love them all. They’re cheaper than both Chanel and Guerlain (especially Guerlain) too… retailing at about $25 a pop. You can find out more about Shiseido Lacquer Rouge HERE.