Backstage @ Micha Designs: The Show Must Go On!

Tonight, I worked for jewelry designer Micha. She wanted her pieces showcased against a ‘neo tribal’ background, with white body paint/tattoos.

So (with the designer’s blessing) I came up with a makeup sketch that looked a little something like this:

Basically, it’s a reverse smoky eye (MAC Eye Pencil in White, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream/SugarPill pressed shadow in Toki/SugarPill loose shadow in Lumi) … a flesh toned blush (MAC Personal Style)… and an ‘erasing’ lipstick. For this, we used Viva Glam Gaga II, Siss Lipstick (MAC) and a concealer pencil (Make Up For Ever) as a Lip Liner.

The body painting got a little messy, so we took it outside:

The girls were TROOPERS! It was not warm outside… but they stuck it out! Anything to get it right… we were pulling double and triple duty (the lady painting the girls is the DESIGNER), but at the end of the night, it was SO worth it. The girls all looked amazing, and they really showcased the jewelry. It was awesome.

I got home a little earlier tonight… but I’m still pretty tired. Good Night Everyone!

Alakazia Show: Behind the Scenes

I went around with my camera and tried to take a few shots after we got the makeup done…

The focus for this show was on the lips. Bold, red velvet lips. We did a shimmer wash around the eyes (That’s Illamasqua pigment in Ore) with just a little mascara. And we weren’t allowed to put any makeup on the foreheads (because it would rub off on the hats) and we didn’t put any extra color on the eyebrows (for the same reason).

The other makeup artist (Dari) giving performer Kaylene Peoples a perfect red pout.

One of the hats. These things are WORKS OF ART. OMG. I was blown away. I fully intend to buy one of these hats… just as soon as I win the lottery…

After the show, Dari and I got to try on our favorite hats. We had to take the makeup off of our foreheads first, but we were happy to comply!

OMG I want this hat!
Glamming it up with feathers…
Green goodness!
I could have played dress up with those hats all  night. They are absolutely stunning. I stayed to help the organizers pack every one up and get them loaded into the trucks… then I crawled home and slept until I woke up.