Shahada’s Little Helpers: Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base (Yellow)

This is one of those little ‘tricks’ that makeup artists use to correct either a foundation or a skin tone, to make it look like they (or a client) were born with perfectly ‘color balanced’ skin. Koh Gen Do makes several makeup bases for color correction, including pink and pearl white. One of my staples is the makeup base in yellow.

Although many companies make color correcting bases, I prefer Koh Gen Do because of the consistency. I find that all of their bases, from foundations to color correctors, have the same consistency. So they play very well together. Sometimes, color correcting bases are too thin or watery, and change the properties of the foundation you’re using, or change the surface of the skin (if you apply it directly to the skin instead of mixing it in the foundation), so that the foundation doesn’t lay the same. When you mix Koh Gen Do bases, they sort of ‘harmonize’ and let you create your personalized foundation or concealer or corrector, without ever compromising the consistency of the original formula. For me, at least, this is kind of a big deal.

You can see the base is very opaque, and still quite yellow, even on my warm skin tone. I didn’t blend it in because I wanted you to see how ‘dense’ this formula is. Some formulas, the minute you warm them on your skin, disappear right into your skin. But this one holds on. In addition to mixing it with foundations, I’ll also use this makeup base for extreme highlighting purposes on someone with distinct yellow undertones. I’ve found that it’ll even ‘warm up’ a peach color corrector or concealer that may pull too pink on certain skin tones. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and I honestly chalk that up to the formula. It’s strong enough to maintain its own identity when used alone, but versatile enough to mix and blend with other liquid and cream formulations.

You can find out more about Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base HERE.

Professional Grade: Making Concealer

Shame on me for not sharing this with you guys sooner.

I picked up a trick while at the Makeup Show back in March. I was talking to the Koh Gen Do rep and she showed me how to make concealer. No… really.

I paid a visit to my local Beauty Supply store (Hey Boo Boo Ninja!), and was explaining to Sarah and Alyssa what I’d learned… and they went NUTS. They got to mixing all manner of foundations trying to figure out what worked and what didnt.

Here’s what we know for sure… the Koh Gen Do Face Powder is probably the best medium for this little experiment.

This little container is so expensive… OMG. I’m still kind of not over it. But I like the ‘retro’ feel of the packaging, and the powder actually works. So there ya go.

Here’s what you do: You take a little foundation on the back of your hand, and a little powder, and you ‘pat’ the mix together until you get the consistency you want.

For demonstration purposes, I used Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation in #301

Alyssa and Sarah went all over the store, and even tried different kinds of powders. But they kept coming back to this one. So… I guess that means it’s a keeper!

Koh Gen Do makes amazing products anyway… and this Face Powder is no exception. You can find out more about Koh Gen Do products (and maybe do a little experimenting of your own) HERE.

The Makeup Show LA (2013): Swatches!

Here are swatches of my goodies from The Makeup Show:

NARS Multiple in G-Spot:

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Golshan (top) and Het Loo (bottom)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger:

*remember that I tend to go very light with concealers. I tend to add a lot of light under my eyes and in the center of my face. I would not use this to conceal blemishes… for that I’d use a color corrector. Concealers, for me, are specifically about adding light to contrast contour.*

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in WT-00
The lady at Koh Gen Do uses this to bring ‘up’ any foundation color that’s too dark. It’s a heck of an adjuster. Because it’s technically a foundation, it blends extremely well with other foundations… and can also be used alone as a highlighter.
Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S106:
Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S107

The Makeup Show (2013): The Haul!

I did really good. I got exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I needed. Nothing to take up space in my already overstuffed collection. I was very proud of myself. 🙂

I ended up with goodies from NARS, Ellis Faas, Koh Gen Do, and … of course… Hakuhodo.

The NARS Pro Artist Card. Apparently, those who know have to ask for these lovely things. The fabulous SA at NARS made one for me on the spot. Previously, you just had to mention that you were in the system so they could look you up. But this makes things much easier. Like MAC, the cards can only be used at standalone boutiques (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) or online.

 Multiple in G Spot
Light Reflecting Loose Powder (backup)
Satin Lip Pencils in Golshan (top) and Het Loo (bottom)
Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger
Alcapulco Candle
Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S106 (left) and S107 (right)
Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in White (00)
Hakuhodo J-Series Brushes…12 (scaled down from 19). These will fill the void left by the Beaute debacle and be cycled into my daily kit. 
The craftsmanship on these brushes is just… beyond.
Hakuhodo Brush Soap (no really, that’s what it’s called). It’s more detergent and less traditional brush cleaner. You have to rinse this stuff out of the brushes. I’ve been advised to make the water hot… and dip one brush at a time. I’ll let you know how it works out.
Swatches to come. Ciao for now!

February Favorites (2013)

I’m going to continue with the monthly ‘favorites’ list. I think it forces me to really sort through my makeup and skin care and gauge performance (and $$ worth) in a practical way. So here are my favorites for the month of February:

Sunday Riley JUNO:

I know, I know! I initially hated this oil (I’m still not a fan of the smell), but it has gone so far to heal my broken skin, that I can’t rave about it enough. I’ve used my original bottle up, gone through a couple of samples, and am now due to purchase a fresh bottle. I mix it with my regular skin moisturizer for daytime, and wear it alone at night. It’s been wonderful for this skin. I am in love with it now.

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation:

This has become such a staple. What I love most about this foundation is that it imitates ‘skin’ so it looks incredibly natural. I apply it with my fingers, set it with a light dusting of Secret Brightening Powder and I’m good to go. Easy Peasy.

MAC Lovecloud Blush:

I’ve been using this blush every day for nearly a month. It’s incredibly flattering, and brightens my complexion without making me look too ‘done.’ It’s a perfect pinky coral on my skin, and it lasts all day, until I take it off.

Chanel Or Rose Eye Pencil (top):

This is another staple. Like Lovecloud, it brightens my entire eye, and opens it up. Unless you look closely, it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing it on my waterline. Now that I’ve been wearing my glasses more often than not, this is the perfect eye opener for me. I use it just about every day, no matter what kind of makeup I’m doing for the day.

By Terry Or de Rose Lip Baume

I keep one of these in my purse, and one in my kit. The wand applicator is the best thing By Terry did for this shimmering balm. I can put it on without looking, and it just kind of lights my lip area. The rose gold flecks add just enough color to give my lips some definition, and it feels absolutely wonderful on. Love it.

Those are my top picks for February 2013! Ciao for Now!

FOTD: Glasses!

Hey Guys,

It’s been forever and a day since I did an FOTD (seems like). I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot lately (yes, I wear glasses on occasion) so I’ve adjusted my makeup accordingly. I tend to focus more on lips when I’m wearing my glasses and just keep the makeup around my eyes very simple. I do one thing differently in the base department: I put on a lot of very light concealer. It helps to open up that part of my face. I use double the amount that I normally would without glasses.

Koh Gen Do Mositure Foundation (302)
By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder
Chanel Blush in Malice
Chanel Eye Pencil in Or Rose (waterline)
Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in Butterscotch

*this post contains affiliate links

January Favorites

I thought I’d start a ‘favorites’ series for 2013… and highlight one item from each category of any given beauty routine.

So here are my January Favorites:

Skin: Koh Gen D Oriental Plants Balm


This stuff is so good. I use it for just about everything now, from emergency eye cream and lip balm, to a little TLC for clients with really dry skin. It’s amazing. It’s light and versatile and has become an absolute keeper for me.

Foundation: Dior Skin NUDE


 My skin has been up, down, and all around the briar patch… and it’s just not behaving right now. Dior Skin NUDE foundation keeps it looking hydrated and smooth. And because I’ve been dry lately (instead of my normal oily self), it stays put with no problem.

Powder: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder


I’ve made no secret of my absolute love for this product. A little bit goes such a long way. It sets my foundation without ‘adding’ to anything on my face. Definite keeper.

Mascara: Chanel Volume de Chanel Mascara

This stuff is amazing. I seriously can’t believe how awesome this mascara is. Chanel really hit this one out of the park. They need to just discontinue all those other formulas and just keep this one. It’s absolutely fabulous.

Lip Gloss: Haughty Cosmetics Polish It Off

I’ve been using this stuff nearly every day, like it is just going out of style. Polish it off is the most perfect nude… ever. Although it’s a gloss, the formula is totally opaque so my lips don’t shine through. And it’s completely weightless. I love this lip gloss. At the rate I’m going, I’ll need to get another tube soon. Just this gloss and a little mascara… and I’m good to go.

Those are my January Favorites! Ciao for now!